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Dental Examinations

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What is a dental examination?

These are commonly known as check-ups. This is just a short appointment where your dentist will assess your teeth, evaluate the soft tissues and periodontal tissues and carry out an oral cancer screening. This is also a chance for your dentist to find any problems you may have.

You should make sure to have regular exams and your dentist will advise you on how often to attend based on your individual needs.

I am anxious about having an exam.


If you are nervous about having treatment, please let us know when booking.


We will do our best to put you at your ease. 




We also have experience in dealing with dental anxiety. 

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What’s involved in a dental exam?

At your exam appointment, your dentist will:

  • Ask you questions about any problems or pain you’ve had since your exam.

  • Examine your teeth, your soft tissues like your cheeks, tongue and then your periodontal tissues which are your gums.

  • Check for any signs of oral cancer or other general diseases that can affect the mouth.

  • Give you advice on things you can do to improve your oral health such as recommendations on how to brush, oral hygiene, etc…

  • If any further problems are identified, your dentist will advise the next steps.


Your dentist may also recommend to take X-rays of your mouth to check for any hidden problems such as decay and bone loss due to gum disease.

If you have a build-up of plaque, perform a scale and polish, or your dentist may do this straightaway if necessary.

Sometimes, scale and polishes are carried out in the same appointment as your check-up.

Oral Hygiene
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