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What is an extraction?

An extraction is a surgical procedure in removing a tooth from its socket in the bone. You will be sore for a few days after having an extraction.

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Why do I need an extraction?


An extraction is is performed for many reasons, like if a tooth is broken or badly decayed. Sometimes, there could be too much damage to repair and it is better to be removed.

If left behind, there could be a potential for swelling or infection. 

You may have a wisdom tooth that may need extracting that is causing pain or frequent infections.

Complex or non-complex extractions

Our dentist will carry out most extractions but the more complex the extractions are, we will refer you via NHS or Private pathways. You will be informed every step of the way.

I am nervous about this procedure

Sedation is an excellent option for people who have dental anxiety.

We offer oral conscious sedation.

Our dentist will assess your suitability and dosage requirement.

If you chose oral conscious sedation, you will need a friend or family member to drive to and from your appointment on the day. 

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