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What are dentures?

Dentures are a removable plastic or metal base that can have a single or multiple teeth on it.

Dentures can be an effective way to replace missing teeth.

Dentures can make you smile and talk with confidence.


You will need to have realistic expectations of dentures. Getting used to them will take time and will feel uncomfortable.

We always advise starting with a soft diet while getting used to your dentures.

To practise speaking with them in.

You will also need to care for your dentures to prevent them from becoming brittle and stained.

What’s involved in getting dentures?

Your dentures will be made in stages and is custom made for you.

At your first stage, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and soft tissues and send to the dental laboratory.

At your second stage, the dentist will take a more accurate impression in a custom made impression tray and record how you bite together in a specially made wax bite.

At your third appointment, you will see the teeth set up on a specially made wax rim, to make sure you like the look, shade of the teeth and check the fit of the denture.

At the final appointment, you will be taking home the custom made for you denture. The dentist will ensure the bite, fit of the denture is comfortable for you.

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