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Emergency Treatment

Emergency Treatment

Emergency Dentistry

We understand that there are times when you require an emergency dentist.

A damaged tooth, debilitating toothache, a lost crown or loose bridge or even an infection can all require immediate dental treatment.

I have a dental emergency?

We try to reserve same day appointment for emergencies, which are worked on a first come first served basis.

So contact us as early in the day as possible.

When can I see an emergency dentist?

How soon we can see you depends on a number of things, such as how many bookings we have, your type of emergency.

We try our best to reserve same day appointments for you or endeavour to see you within 24 hours in our next available slot.

What if my dental emergency is outside of working hours?

If you are a non-registered patient you can ring the 24-hour helpline on 111 for advice and help.

If you are a registered patient of ours, please ring the practice and the out of hours dentist will be able to assist you.

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