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Teeth Whitening

Enlighten and SDI Pola

Teeth Whitening

What is teeth whitening?

This is a cosmetic treatment which involves in bleaching your teeth to make them whiter.

You might consider teeth whitening for lots of reasons like drinking a lot of black tea or coffee or you drink lots of red wine or staining as you get older, smoking, or simply treat yourself.

Do whitening treatment work?

Whitening treatment must be carried out by a registered dental professional as it is illegal for anyone else to carry out whitening treatment.

These use a peroxide based gel and when these chemicals break down they release oxygen, which then breaks down the stains in the tooth enamel.

I bought an over-the-counter whitening kit, what is the difference?

Whitening treatment carried out by a registered dental professional contains up to 6% hydrogen peroxide, whereas a shop bought whitening kit should only contain 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide.

It is illegal to sell any kits with a higher hydrogen peroxide level than this.

Plus, these low levels do not achieve results in the same way professional whitening does.

Can I have teeth whitening?

You will need a consultation with your dentist first to assess your suitability of teeth whitening as some people may not be suitable due to gum disease or if you have tooth decay present.

Can I change the colour of my fillings with teeth whitening?

No, unfortunately it only works on whitening your natural teeth. So you will need to take into account that whitening will not lift crowns, bridges, veneers or dentures. You may need to have these replaced.

How white will my teeth look?

The dentist will take a shade match of your teeth, and advise you on the likely results.

The results of whitening depends on your bleaching saturation point (where it will no longer whiten) which varies from patient to patient.

Does it hurt?

Whitening your teeth shouldn't hurt, but it is common to experience some sensitivity either during or after your treatment.

This should settle down after a couple of days. Contact us and your dentist will give you further advice.

Which teeth whitening system is best for me?

We have lots of options and budgets  for teeth whitening.

SDI Pola kits, an option to suit every lifestyle from a quick 5 day whitening treatment to specially made for you trays .

Enlighten teeth whitening with a guaranteed end shade of B1.

Enlighten is our fastest, most effective and predictable whitening yet.

With our gentle anti-sensitivity formula, you don’t need to make any lifestyle or dietary changes to get great, long-lasting results.

Simply whiten at home over 2-3 weeks and attend the surgery for an hour for power whitening to enjoy Enlighten’s guaranteed end shade of B1.

Please get in touch for more information.

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